Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Adapting Enter the Dragon into a theatrical production, a glimpse into the process:

It's a wonderful opportunity to delve back into those characters, to deepen the story with the personal dynamics of the legend we now know as Bruce Lee - whose secret, greatest battle was with his own "inner spirit" - which makes him a metaphor for everybody and explains our vicarious wishful worship of any superlative human skill, the other side of which is the loneliness of the person who wields it and must lose it to defeat, age, etc. All these years later we have the whole mythology of Bruce Lee to draw on. Han could now be a more prescient villain, a God-like genius who personifies the inevitable tragic future of skill corrupted into power...which Bruce's character, Lee, escapes...at least for now, because the test of his discipline will be lifelong. We could dramatize this, for instance, with the dramatic device of Lee shadow-boxing - "One's shadow," as Han could say, "is the only worthy opponent." - which evolves in the story to culminate, when Lee is alone in the cell after the fight with the guards, into a private night-before-battle duet-fight with his shadow...and he loses! And after the mass melee finale and Han's defeat, at the very end of the show, Lee is alone on stage with his shadow looming over him, menacing and inescapable.


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